Supreme Court asks Haryana to not obstruct water supply from Himachal Pradesh to Delhi

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As and when the surplus water is released by State of Himachal Pradesh with prior intimation, the State of Haryana shall facilitate the flow of water from Hathnikund to Wazirabad so it reaches Delhi without obstruction so the residents get drinking water, the Court has directed

Amidst the water shortage in Delhi, the Supreme Court has today directed the state of Haryana to facilitate the supply of water from Himachal Pradesh to the national capital.

A Vacation Bench of Justices Prashant Kumar Mishra and KV Viswanathan has directed Himachal Pradesh to release 137 cusecs of water by tomorrow with prior intimation to Haryana government.

Furthermore, Upper Yamuna River Board has been asked to measure the water for its onward flow and a report be filed on the same by Monday.

Two days back, Supreme Court had asked all stakeholders to have a meeting over the Delhi governments' need for additional supply from neighboring states amidst a water crisis.

The AAP government moved the Supreme Court of India of May 31 seeking an additional supply from neighboring states of Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Himachal Pradesh amid a severe water crisis in the national capital.

It is AAP's case that Delhi’s need for water has increased in the scorching heat and it is everyone’s responsibility to fulfil the needs of the country’s capital.

Notably, the Delhi Jal Board has also announced that a fine of Rs 2,000 would be imposed on anyone found to be wasting water.

Kejriwal has asked the Central government to request the BJP governments in Haryana and Uttar Pradesh to help Delhi out in its water shortage.

"In this scorching heat, the water demand has increased a lot. And the water that Delhi used to get from the neighbouring states has also been reduced. That means the demand has increased a lot and the supply has reduced. We all have to solve this together," Kejriwal's post on X reads.

Case Title: Government of NCT of Delhi vs. State of Haryana and ors