[Bhima Koregaon violence] "Students recruited for terrorist activities from JNU, TISS, Provocation in name of caste": NIA's draft chargesheet [Read]

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The Draft Chargesheet by the NIA has been filed before the Court of Special Judge, Greater Mumbai against those accused in the Bhima Koregaon Violence cases.

The accused include Sudhir Pralhad Dhawale, Rona Jacob Wilson, Surendra Pundlikrao Gadling, Shoma Kanti Sen, Mahesh Sitaram Raut, P. Varavara Rao, Vernon Stanislaus Gonsalves, Arun Thomas Ferreira, Sudha Bharadwaj, Anand Bapurao Teltumbde, Gautam Navlakha, Hanu Babu, Tatyaram Gorkhe, Murlidhar Gaichor, Raghobha Shankar Jagtap, Stan Swamy (Late) & absconding - Milind Teltumbde, Com Prakash Alias Navin Alias Ritupan Goswami, Com Manglu, Com Deepu, Kishan Alias Prashanto Bose and Mupalla Laxmana Rao.

Allegations made out in terms of draft before Court:

1. CPI (Maoist) Members: Accused were active members of Banned Terrorist Organisations under the provisions of Unlawful Activities (Prevention), Act, 1967 such as the CPI (Maoist) and its frontal organisations whose main objective is to establish "Jantana Sarkar", i.e. people's government via armed revolution and seize power from state.

2. Circulating Naxal Literature at Elgar Parishad & provocation in name of Caste: It is stated that Stan Swamy along with Milind Teltumbde, Comrade Prakash Alias Navin Alias Ritupan Goswami, Comrade Manglu, Comrade Deepu, Kishan Alias Prashanto Bose and Mupalla Laxmana Rao conspired and organised terrorist activities by used of violence and arranged the "Elgar Parishad" on December 31, 2017. The NIA alleges that it is here that the accused created communal disharmony by circulating naxal literature to exploit the communal sentiments of Dalits and provoked them in the name of Caste which led to instability and chaos in various Pune districts including at Bhima Koregaon. This also resulted in destruction of properties and injury to many persons.

3. Spread secessionist and religious thought, shake and reduce faith of common citizen in its elected Government and recruit cadres at all levels in all regions and state and organise training camps at various places in Maharashtra for commission of terrorist activities of banned terrorist organisations.

4. Collect Arms, Ammunition with intention to wage war: It is also alleged that the accused conspired to collect arms and ammunition with the intention of waging war against Government and purchased explosives for terrorist activities in India and state of Maharashtra and also smuggleD weapons, decided routes for the same.

5. Mobilising people and students, received training in handling sophisticated weapons, explosive material: It is alleged that Stan Swamy and the other absconding accused Comrades indulged in furtherance of a common intention with the object of promoting the activities and ideologies as per the strategy and tactics of CPI(Maoist). 

6. Waging War, organise ammunition supplies: It is further alleged that all the accused mentioned in the Chargesheet attempted to wage war against GOI & Government of Maharashtra. The chargesheet states that the accused conspired to demand and organise 8 crore INR for supply of M-4 with 400000 rounds and other arms and ammunition from Nepal and Manipur. All accused advocated, conspired, abetted and knowingly facilitated commission of terrorist acts and preparatory acts by procuring sophisticated weapons and ammunitions viz. logistics, wires, nails, nitrate powder and possessing & transporting sophisticated weapons like Chinese QLZ 87 Automatic Grenade Launcher and Russian GM094 Grenade Launcher and M-4.

7. Recruited Students from JNU, TISS for terrorist activities: The NIA has alleged that Sudhir Dhawale, Rona Wilson, Surendra Gadling, Shoma Kanti Sen, Mahesh Sitaram Raut, P. Varavara Rao, Vernon Gonsalves, Arun Thomas Ferreira, Sudha Bharadwaj, Anand Bapurao Teltumbde recruited students from Uni's - JNU, TISS, others for commission of terrorist activities. 

8. Support to and encouragement of membership of banned organisations CPI (Maoist) by all accused.


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