[Event] Rising to the Bench: A group discussion on appointment of women in the Higher Judiciary

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  • 10:46 AM, 30 Jun 2021

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A common notion that floats in the legal fraternity is that a diverse judiciary would really be a better judiciary. Nevertheless, after over 70 years since India gained back her independence, she has only had 8 female judges in the Supreme Court of India.

The Judiciary must be seen as a reflection of the society by the general public. 

Think India Debating Forum in collaboration with Lawbeat and Sahasi Mission present  “RISING TO THE BENCH”: a group discussion on appointment of women in the higher judiciary.

Moving forward with the theme "Rising to the bench", we are glad to introduce a project which will take place in four phases which aims at change-making with; Discourse, Data, Discussion and Direction.

I. Discourse: The first phase is centred around a Group Discussion, the primary goal of which is to generate discourse on the issue of lack of diversity in the higher judiciary. 

II. Data: The second phase will be centred around collating empirical data in order to ascertain the cause(s) for this lack of diversity.

III. Discussion: In the third phase, we intend to hold a panel discussion in order to delve into the the issues and challenges faced by female legal luminaries in the legal profession.

IV: Direction: The fourth phase will culminate into formulating recommendations & suggestions that could pave the direction  for Diversity.

Date:18-19 July 2021
Registration link: https://bit.ly/35VhMwP

Awards and Recognitions
1) Cash prizes worth Rs.5000/-
2) Participation & Merit Certificates
3) Winners will also get an exclusive chance to interact with legal luminaries during the subsequent panel discussion. 

In case of any queries, please feel free to contact:  85911-00039/ 82092-79990.