Kejriwal Eating Mangoes To Spike Blood Sugar Hoping To Obtain Medical Bail: ED Tells Delhi Court

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Kejriwal had approached the court seeking authorization to consult his physician via video conference concerning his fluctuating blood sugar levels

In an ironic turn of events, Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi who has been in Tihar Jail in the Liquor policy scam case has been accused of consuming too many sweets by the Enforcement Directorate (ED). It is being claimed by the central agency that he has been specifically consuming sweets and high-sugar items such as mangoes to spike his blood sugar so that his medical reports can be skewed & he can get medical bail. 

Arvind Kejriwal, who is currently held in Tihar jail in connection with the money laundering investigation related to the Delhi liquor excise policy case, informed Advocate Vivek Jain that his blood sugar levels had dropped to 46 and were experiencing consistent fluctuations. Kejriwal had approached the court, requesting authorization to consult his usual physician via video conference.

Arvind Kejriwal is eating high sugar content food despite having type 2 diabetes. He is consuming 'aloo poori', mango, sweets, daily. This is being done to make grounds for medical bail”, the ED stated. 

Special Public Prosecutor (SPP) Zoheb Hossain argued that Kejriwal, who was permitted to have home-cooked meals, was deliberately consuming sugary foods to bolster his case for bail on medical grounds. He emphasized that despite being aware of the adverse effects of such foods on his blood sugar, Kejriwal persisted in their consumption to manufacture a medical emergency for favorable treatment by the court.

According to the report, Atishi, a leader of the AAP, asserted that Kejriwal had been experiencing a rapid decline in weight since his arrest on March 21. She alleged that the BJP jeopardized his well-being by detaining him. Additionally, she mentioned that the AAP intended to pursue legal assistance regarding the chief minister's health status.  Per another report, his blood pressure (BP) level was last recorded as 116/80. It was reported that Kejriwal underwent an examination by two doctors on April 1, and they determined that his vital signs were within normal ranges.

Special Judge Kaveri Baweja directed the Tihar Jail authorities to file a report on the matter, including Kejriwal's diet chart.

Kejriwal had previously approached the Supreme Court challenging the order of the High Court that upheld the validity and legality of his arrest by ED. The Delhi High Court prima facie opined that Kejriwal played an active role in concealing. 

The dietary regimen of Kejriwal comprises a structured array of meals aimed at providing balanced nutrition. Each day's intake includes a variety of food items, including eggs, bananas, tea, water, various vegetable preparations such as rajma sabji, aloo gobhi, bhindi, aloo matar, paneer. The plan includes fruits like mango, papaya, and banana. Special attention is given to incorporating salads for added freshness and nutrients. The diet also includes occasional sweet treats for enjoyment. 

[Inputs: ABP Live, PTI]