Delhi High Court Directs District And Session Courts To Turn VC On During Working Hours

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ACJ further directed that the VC be made accessible to the public to join seamlessly and that it should not be muted

The Delhi High Court, recently, instructed all district and session courts to keep their video conferencing (VC) systems active during court hours. Additionally, the court mandated that these systems remain accessible to advocates, lawyers, and the general public.

Acting Chief Justice Manmohan issued the following directives:
1. Video conferencing systems were to remain switched on throughout court hours.
2. The video feed at the court's end was to be activated.
3. The court's video conferencing system should not be muted unless directed otherwise, in accordance with the Office Order dated June 5, 2023.
4. Access to the video conferencing system should remain unlocked, allowing advocates, litigants, and the public to join seamlessly unless otherwise directed by the court as per the Office Order dated June 5, 2023.
5. Each court was required to display the item number during video conferencing proceedings.
6. Each court had to display a message on the video conferencing screen indicating when the court was in recess, not in session, on leave, or when proceedings were restricted as per the Office Order dated June 5, 2023.
7. The Principal District and Sessions Judges were to submit a fortnightly report on video conferencing to the Registrar General’s office in the prescribed format.