"I am a proponent of Ayurveda": CJI Chandrachud on inauguration of AYUSH wellness Centre at SC

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The Centre is located on the ground floor of the E-block in the Court's additional building complex.

The Supreme Court premises now has a AYUSH holistic wellness center which was inaugurated today by the Chief Justice of India.

Speaking on the importance of the Wellness Centre, CJI Chandrachud said that he himself is a proponent of Ayurveda and a holistic lifestyle.

He added that he wakes up at 3:30AM every morning to do yoga and has been following a vegan diet for the last five months.

"I try to have a holistic pattern of life, which begins with of course what you put into your system, what you eat..", the CJI stated.

In his interview with ANI, the Chief Justice of India said, "For me, this is a satisfying moment. I have been working on this ever since I took over as CJI. I am personally a proponent of Ayurveda and a holistic lifestyle. We have over 2000 staff members, our colleagues, the judges of the supreme court carry tremendous stress of the daily work and we must look at a holistic pattern of living, not just for the judges and their immediate families but for the staff members too.. and through the staff maybe we can propagate this message to the rest of the country on the benefits of time honoured traditions of Ayurveda. I am deeply grateful to all the doctors at AYUSH., they have a wonderful facility at Saket, New Delhi but we are bringing this to the Supreme Court now...We are unveiling this to the Supreme Court and through it to the entire nation...".

CJI added that the Centre has been prepared scientifically, be it anti-skid tiles being used, treatment rooms and ensuring that the restrooms are consistent with the type of treatment being given.